Little World

Behind mushrooms in a deep dark forest is a little rusted town named bumble bee.

Its full of little fairy’s that rule over the town and use there power source to protect themselves from humans and other living things. But something happened that day a new fairy arrived in town but she seems wistful she had wrinkled wings and ugly attitude. The next morning I heard everyone screaming is was frightened as I looked outside and saw all the fairies leaving on the boats with oars I had no way of getting out of here before I even moved a muscle I blacked out.

2 thoughts on “Little World”

  1. I love the discriptive language you used in your text Alexis. I love how you discribe how your character is feeling keep up the AMAZINGGGGG work!! :DDD

  2. Hi Alexis! That’s quite the cliffhanger you have there. I wonder what happened that made the fairies start escaping. This was a nice and cohesive way to bring all the prompt words together.

    I like the idea of a fairy having wrinkled wings. It creates an interesting image, and it makes me wonder how her wings got that way.

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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