Car racing

“Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to 2010 car racing show!” Said the man on tv.

“Mum look I wanna do car racing to!” I yelled in excitement.

“hunny only boys can do it” mother said with a smirk.

6 years later, I know right bestie I cant believe my mum said that over a stupid sport I’ll show her that girls can do it to. I spent hours in my room designing a car that would just fit for me. I saved up enough money and the racing began. My vehicle had music instrument Designs on the car and furry seats and a cool Engine. I climbed into my car slowly at the starting line everyone gasps in horror everyone’s mind was thinking WHY was there was a girl.

The lost solider

BANG! CRASH!  “Hurry the planes are coming!!!!” Someone shouted across the field of mines. The dust was falling every second screams were heard every minute. “WATCH OUT!!!” Said a Logan. “What did you remember from the war” asked the therapist “I don’t quite remember” I explained to the therapist. “Take a rest dear” said the therapist. I walked back to the garden to take stuff off of my mind, I noticed a statue as I looked closer I recognised The statue i-it was…. Logan the solider I cant believe it. Its him. “ I am so sorry I couldn’t save you” I said crying.

The Adventure

“Xavier could you please do me a favour and go to the shops to buy me some milk” my mother said “Of course” I said back. So I headed on my adventure to the shops. On my way there I noticed something walking towards me. In my head I didn’t know what to do!? “ h-hello young man could you please tell me which way to the shops?” It panted

As I was about to respond I could see something in the corner of my eye. I blacked out “hello anyone there WHERE AM I!” I yelled.

…I didn’t realise they could fly!…

“Happy birthday Akira!” Everyone shouted. “Thanks” said Akira in joy, Akira started to open her presents and Excitement running through her body. Akira got her last present she ripped it open…she had a blank face looking at..a doll? “It’s a special doll” said Akira’s mother.


At night time.The doll started to glow and Akira started to get worried, magical orbs were floating around the doll. Akira couldn’t see from the light so she closed her eyes as soon as she did that the lights began to dim. Akira opened her eyes there was outstanding girl, she was looking at me I didn’t realise the doll could fly! Or girl!

The nowhere tower

A long time ago when goddess where alive they had powers but when disaster struck they hide there powers somewhere waiting for a special person.

‘’Hurry up, you’re going to be late for school” shouted my mother. Arghh I groaned as I got out of bed, after I got changed I said good bye to my mother and headed to school. “Come on do I really have to walk to school” I said to my self.

As I was walking to school I noticed a tower I never saw it there before but curiosity got over me so I touched.


Little World

Behind mushrooms in a deep dark forest is a little rusted town named bumble bee.

Its full of little fairy’s that rule over the town and use there power source to protect themselves from humans and other living things. But something happened that day a new fairy arrived in town but she seems wistful she had wrinkled wings and ugly attitude. The next morning I heard everyone screaming is was frightened as I looked outside and saw all the fairies leaving on the boats with oars I had no way of getting out of here before I even moved a muscle I blacked out.

The Talker

Once upon a time “HEY use something new” said the Director “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, this is my story” It started at school with this kid Tyler the orange head. He always annoys me even in class but I have to ignore him.


That’s what mum always say. But this time he pushed my buttons the one time in forever. He always spoke when ever I try to talk, spread hopeless rumours! But this day I am gonna show him who’s boss. I ignored him the rest of the day because he hates it but in the end I felt so bad I asked him if would wanted to be my friend.


The Moving Statue

It was a cold windy night the sky was howling, I was kicking rocks until saw a statue I never saw it there before I was thinking to my self “it looks so realistic like someone was in there…” I jumped to conclusion And I started knocking on the statue, I put my ear to the statue I heard something like a girl screaming inside. I searched in my bag something hard enough to break through. BANG!! There I saw a girl laying there as I tried to speak I stoped like someone was controlling me…

Why we should not have swimming lessons


This is my reason for us not to do swimming lessons. Really! why do we even need to do swimming lessons wait I know we do swimming lessons if you were in danger in the ocean but most of us don’t even go outside.

Firstly. Do really think that we are in the IT movie following a balloon in the ocean we are not that dumb

Secondly. We would never kick someone in the pool only if you’re a bully but besides that we already know how to swim.

Thirdly. You think a brown fox would make us go to the ocean frightening us no we would just leave it alone.