The Adventure

“Xavier could you please do me a favour and go to the shops to buy me some milk” my mother said “Of course” I said back. So I headed on my adventure to the shops. On my way there I noticed something walking towards me. In my head I didn’t know what to do!? “ h-hello young man could you please tell me which way to the shops?” It panted

As I was about to respond I could see something in the corner of my eye. I blacked out “hello anyone there WHERE AM I!” I yelled.

One thought on “The Adventure”

  1. Hi Alexis,

    Brilliant work this week! You’ve managed to build an excellent and very intriguing narrative around the prompt, whilst also making good use of features like dialogue, punctuation and tone of voice to add to the overall story. This is definitely a piece I would love to keep reading to find out what happened to the character!

    Keep up the good work,
    Anna (Team 100WC)

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